“Later doesn’t always come” those words struck me today
Home from work
Sitting in LA traffic
Under a graying sky.

Would you be? Could you be? Alive in another place? Will I see you later?

Because our “later” here will never come
and I grieve that.


There’s no tomorrow for us

No “I’ll talk to you later”

No more Beau and Bowie sitting on our purses
As we got ready for work –

Our Parallels- –

Where we were connecting. Were.

We were connecting. “Later doesn’t always come” later is never for us

Memories are not powerful enough to overcome the Grief – The Great Sadness – of my future losses.

Nothing…nothing can replace this future
Now left only in my head
For my magical thinking to transform the start of something into the best of us…


Published by Kate B

I am trying to integrate my loss with life...

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