Looking over the edge of the Grief Abyss, I am suffocating under a curtain of emotions. I lose focus and slide into the fray. My breathing and heart rate increase and I start to shake as the feelings wash over me. Pulling me into and under, surrounded by a swirling darkness, I let go. I feel you here. I hear you in the songs I listen to; I see you in the wild peacocks that eat from my hand and the tiny hummingbirds chirping in the sun. Those connections hold me in the abyss but also support means return the flesh to your body. You are here – like you never were (or could be) in life – and I don’t want to return from This Grief. 05-04-2021

#grief #death #loss #bereavement #daughter #childdeath #deathanddying

Published by Kate B

I am trying to integrate my loss with life...

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