Looking over the edge of the Grief Abyss, I am suffocating under a curtain of emotions. I lose focus and slide into the fray. My breathing and heart rate increase and I start to shake as the feelings wash over me. Pulling me into and under, surrounded by a swirling darkness, I let go. IContinue reading ““Glancing””


The Great Sadness is lingering this morning and I am reluctant to write. Open the box. Glimpse insideAnd FallDownInto the darkness. It is warm Comforting I am not alone I feel her hereSo I Stay. I cannot quantify the depth of pain to lose a child. Yes, she was an adult. Yes, she died 18Continue reading “Stay”


Today is about my daughter“Untitled” by The CureBluetooth connection to my childOur connection of music I have to hurt to write Robert Smith is reigning King of my Pain with Tim Burton a close second. Stefanie was Emo in the 00’s then maybe Goth (we were estranged; my heart just breaks over that lost time)Continue reading “Tied”

There but for the grace

There but for the grace of god She was sitting, back against the wall.Under the bridge.A solitary figure between the tents.Staring straight ahead.Motionless. A different decision 37 years ago, and she would be me. My heart is pounding as I write thisIt’s not a time I speak ofBut living on the streets is part ofContinue reading “There but for the grace”